A classic custom tattoo studio with over 20 years of experience.

We offer a safe and clean environment and strive to deliver high quality tattoos and an enjoyable experience for everyone who comes and visits us.


We strive to create custom tattoos that will stand the test of time.

Jose Gonzalez, tattoo artist and studio owner, opened Ink-in Tattoo in 2004. Thanks to this long experience in the tattoo sector, we have the knowledge, values and skills to be able to advise our clients in the best possible way, we know how to use solid techniques and work with the best materials available. Thats’s how way we are able to create durable quality tattoos in a wide variety of styles.
We are proud of our roots in the tattoo culture and that is why you will find in Ink-in Tattoo a classic tattoo studio, featuring the maximum comfort and amenities and the best materials available on the market today.

We strive to create a friendly, safe and clean environment that complies with the strictest safety and hygiene standards, because we want your experience in the studio to be a pleasant and memorable one.


We create custom design and offer professional work and techniques so you can love your tattoo for life!


If you are looking to get pierced by a high quality piercer that will provide total security with all the guarantees of hygiene and quality, you have found the right place!


We strive to provide our customers with a friendly, safe and clean environment that complies with the strictest safety and hygiene standards.

Welcome to our classic piercing tattoos studio.

Welcome to our classic tattoo and piercing studio in Marbella

Ink-in Tattoo opened its doors in Marbella in 2004, since then it has quickly become one of the leading tattoo studios in the area. Our team offers high quality tattoos and a friendly and personalized customer service.

Do not hesitate to tell us more about ideas for your next tattoo or piercing. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities, prices and on how you can make an appointment to get a tattoo with us.

At Ink-in Tattoo we prioritize your health, safety and comfort. In order to offer the best service and results, we use the highest quality materials available. All materials are tested and approved according to current European Union regulations.
To ensure your safety we comply with the regulations stipulated in the BOJA Decree 71/2017, of June 13, which regulates the hygienic-sanitary and technical conditions of the activities related to the application of tattoo techniques, micro-pigmentation and piercing skin piercing. Our staff has hygienic and sanitary qualifications and official accreditation for the application of tattooing and body piercing techniques, which is mandatory in Andalusia.

Featured tattoos

Here’s a selection of the types and styles of tattoos we make at the shop.

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